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  • Mridula Pradhan

Why Does God Bless You with Promotion and Leadership?

Hello everyone! I am really excited about today’s blog because it’s about an “Aha” moment that I recently had. I love it when I am reading the bible and sweet Holy Spirit just lifts a veil and I see the real meaning of that particular scripture and its applicability at that specific moment of my life!

The Situation:

I was reading 2 Samuel 5 which enlists a string of events which prove that David’s throne is established over Israel. – David is crowned king. He is unanimously accepted by his people as their shepherd and ruler. He leads a conquest and conquers Jerusalem. His victory is sealed by the fact that the city is named “City of David”. His neighboring king sends him an envoy with the best of raw materials and manpower and builds him a grand palace.

This was a new phase in David’s life. I can almost imagine David taking a stroll in his new palace absorbing his elevated status, getting used to being addressed as king and everything else that came with “kingship”.

However, David arrived at a conclusion after he had witnessed everything that happened around him.

And David knew that the Lord had confirmed him as king over Israel and had blessed his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel.

2 Sam 5:12


The word “knew” used in this verse is the Hebrew word “yada”. In the context of this verse it means “understood’, “realized’ or “perceived”. The word “yada” is used in the scriptures to denote deep, intimate, covenant relationship. E.g. “Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain” Gen 4:1. David knew God intimately. He understood God’s deep love and undying faithfulness towards His people Israel.

Israel as a nation, was entering into a new season. God was replacing the old tribal form of leadership with monarchy. This new system would give the Israelites a common capital with a national government capable of reaching the lives of every citizen in ways far beyond the limited role of the Judges and Levites in the previous system. However, kingship in Israel would be different from that in the other nations.

  • The king was appointed by the tribal leads

  • The king was to study the Torah daily under the supervision of the levitical priests so that he would observe God’s commandments and understand his role as king

  • Kings were not in charge of the judicial system. Deut. 16:18-17:20 calls for an independent judiciary of officers and priests in which the high priest serves as the chief justice. And if these courts failed, the prophets stepped in. The institution of the prophets, was strengthened to counterbalance the power of a king

It was clear that God was the one and only king over His people Israel and planned to run His kingdom through a system consisting of the law, the king, the priests and the prophets.

David recognized that he was God’s agent to rule the nation of Israel. He was a part of a bigger plan. He was the glove into which God’s hand would fit in. David appreciated that the power, comfort, luxury, favor, honor that came with kingships was not for him to enjoy but for him to serve the people. Above everything else, he knew that God was trusting him with His heart.

A successful leader knows God’s’ heart and understand his role in God’s bigger plan.

Everything about God is all about His people!

As a leader, I pray that you will be able to discern God’s heart and His “now” plan for the people he has entrusted you with. I urge you to shift your focus for a moment from what is happening in your life…. in a way zoom out and look at the bigger picture. Look at the bigger scheme of things around you and understand your role in it. And as you sincerely desire to please God, I pray that God grants you love for people, wisdom to lead them well, discernment and clear direction as well as strength to obey Him.



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