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Come Let Us Adore Him - Jesus

Not that my mind can grasp the mystery of you or your love - but I cannot deny what I encounter in you and through you each day. You are ‘Love’ to me. You are ‘beauty’ in all its depth.

You are my reality. When the hills and mountains move, you have shown me where to look - to you, for yours is love everlasting. When life throws crossroads and dead ends, it doesn’t seem so hard anymore - because I can adore you from anywhere. I love that you are omnipresent - that you can be seated in heavenly places and live in our hearts at the same time. It means a lot to me that you are always awake, even in the middle of the night. I consider your presence my supreme blessing.

Your presence makes an all-time joy possible! When the world’s sadness and disappointment brush against my heart, I remind my soul that Jesus, the eternal joy, lives in me - when I think of you, I am happy again. You are my happiness and hope.

You are the promise and proof of unconditional, irrational and reckless love. Sometimes, in the middle of the day, I wonder if all this is rational to you and your mysterious wisdom. Jesus, I am grateful for your body and blood. In giving yourself, you offered us wholeness - in mind, body and spirit. You set us free to breathe the air of love.

All the red letters in the Bible are so special to me! Your voice and words are my deliverance.

Through you, I am redeemed and adopted, and have a faithful Father who will never wrong me.

I don’t know what I’d do or who I’d be on my own.

Even the love I have for myself is because I have you. You are the power that transforms a human heart. Yours is the love that destroys pain, shame, and sin. You teach me to live and love without an agenda. You are my innocence. Jesus, life isn’t easy. But it feels like it is when I think of you. You’re worthy of it all - my resilience, my fight, my love, my trust, my devotion, my reverence, my undivided attention and adoration.

About the author:

Deborah is a God-hugger who doodles, loves Bible stories, especially the ones that have Jesus in it. She is always learning to love better and be a good friend to those around her.

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