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  • Tanya ohaja

His Truth is Mine

I've lived a thousand lies and died a thousand times.

But my dying barely made sense, I've come across many faces, and upon their un-masked truths.

But rarely did I see their emotions.

My death had no meaning neither did my life had any purpose.

Until I came across a certain someone who broke the many cages of my soul.

It is in Him where my spirit gleamed with joy and it is in Him where I found true rest.

I hear that his love has no boundaries and yet it is where my soul has been bound for all eternity.

I've heard that he stood for me amongst the many crowds, taking my accusations as his crown.

He bore my many sins and walked the walk of shame and died in the cross of Calvary all for the sinners' name.

His grave was not his own and even in his death he was dis-owned.

But whilst he looked defeated and wearied, his truth was not yet buried.

Hidden in the midst of the darkened silence, grew a thundering sound, the graves were shaken and his body was not found.

He made many witnesses who till even this day have offered up themselves,

even when persecuted and slayed.

And the truth, if this man's love, the one who came from above, shook the very core of my existence.

So I now stand before many who question me, why I believe in someone who lived two thousand years from now, and why do I before him bow.

I humbly try to say, it was Jesus who in a blessed day, saved me from my own destruction.

I therefore now recognize him as Christ the son of God, who freed me from my bond.

He sits at the right side of the father, and covers me daily by his blood so divine,

that I can boldly say before many that His truth is mine.

About the author:

Tanya ohaja : I'm a theology student, studying in a Bible College in Siliguri, India . I like to write, mostly about what God does for us. About his love and his grace. I only want His Glory.

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Hephzibah Torcato
Hephzibah Torcato
Jan 18, 2022

I love the write up in such a beautiful poetic way. May you write many poetries too Tanya. God bless.

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