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For Immanuel - God with us, and while we commemorate our Saviour's birth this December, we acknowledge and celebrate His presence with us throughout 2022.

We'd begun 2022 with the determination to "abide with The Vine and bear fruit". Looking back on our ministry this year, we can see that Jesus was true to His Word in John 15: 5. Through Him, we were able to accomplish a great deal.

Our ministry this year included weekly mentoring meetings on Mondays, conferences such as the Disciple Makers conference and a Prophetic and Healing conference in Nepali, as well as regular prayer meetings.

Five of our top highlights for the year are:

Global School of Missions

We trained and equipped 25 graduates from around the world through our online Global School of Missions (GSM) in February 2022. They have entered the mission field prepared and trained.

Tour from Bangalore to Shillong and Darjeeling: In April 2022, KV staff traveled to North East India to forge new relationships for the Kingdom. They conducted ministry in places of worship and shared the gospel in

Shillong's streets and Darjeeling's parks.

Mission to Bihar: In June 2022, 11 Kingdom workers were dispatched for a week to four provinces in Bihar to minister at local churches, preach the gospel to the unreached, and encourage local workers.

Mission to Kolkata: In September 2022, a team of 7 Kingdom workers were sent for a week to minister at cottage churches, reach out to women in the biggest red light district in Asia (Sonagachi), train people in evangelism, heal the sick, and take part in an intercessory prayer movement for the state of West Bengal.

Mission to Nepal: Our team visited Nepal in October 2022. More than 1,600 people attended the Glory conference in Kathmandu. Numerous healings and deliverances were seen during the meetings. Nine believers were baptized in Pokhara.

We're delighted to see that our mobilization efforts have brought in many first-timers for our mission trips from across India and even as far away as Pakistan! Glory be to God.

Furthermore, the testimonials of our school's graduates have been very encouraging. Bina Ghosh says, "Since graduating, I have been reaching out to the Hindi-speaking community in Shillong through street evangelism and Bible studies". Balamurali and his wife Pavithra started a house church in 2018 and since then they've had 15 baptisms while hundreds have heard the gospel.

Sana Shakeel informed us how she's started a children's ministry in her neighborhood. When interviewed, another graduate Ibanylla says, "I went on my first mission trip with the KV Global team. The experience changed my life's direction. I am now mobilizing others to missions while actively involving myself in outreaches that involve sharing the gospel with the unreached".

Several heartwarming testimonies have been shared about how God has used us to impact many Christians for His Kingdom expansion. The joy of His work through us fills our hearts with gratitude. Therefore, it was only fitting to end the year with a 7-day prayer and fasting call.

During our prayer and fasting (December 9-16, 2022) The Lord kept His Word as per 2 Chronicles 7:14 for there were many accounts of breakthroughs and personal revivals. We've committed our plans to The Lord and we trust in His direction.

Quoting from Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish...,” and Psalms 11:3, “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”, our founder Danston John says, "I believe there is a shaking that is coming in 2023 that will put our faith to the test. This divine shaking is meant to separate those who are chosen from those who are called. The people who are chosen will run with the revelation of God’s word in their hearts, seeking to build His kingdom everywhere. They are the remnant who are unafraid and unashamed of the gospel. In these last days, I believe you are part of the chosen army that will shine in the darkness. "

Let's be mindful of our life and whom we answer to when our faith will be put to the test. Be the chosen army that shines in the darkness.

Jubilate for a new year is soon upon us!

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