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Noah's New Normal

When I stepped out of office on 12th March 2020, little did I know, I would not be returning for a long time. Like many of you, I have been working from home ever since. So technically, as I write this blog, I have been homebound for the last 228 days.

After the great flood, Noah and his family had been confined to the ark. The post COVID world has put me in a better position to appreciate Noah’s situation.

.. Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made and sent out a raven..” Gen. 8:6-7

The downpour had stopped. After covering the earth for 5 months, the water had started receding. Noah opened the window of his ark to send out a raven. He opened the window to see an unfamiliar and possibly a very unsettling sight. Everything he knew to be “normal” had been wiped out.

  • Was he afraid? I am sure he was! It had rained for 40 days. Imagine the ark floating day and night - amidst thunders, lightening and raging waters.

  • Was he uncertain? I am sure he was! It rained 40 days but water covered the earth for 5 months before it started receding. All Noah could do was wait in anticipation. Does that sound familiar?

  • Was he frustrated? I am sure he was! Well, the bible does not record of Noah complaining and murmuring. But imagine taking care of and cleaning after (if that was even possible) all the sea sick animals in the ark. I am guessing that the ark was one smelly place to be in.

The ark floated aimlessly or rather helplessly through the storm and the calm afterwards. The water level receded and the ark had come to rest on the mountains of Ararat (modern day Turkey) Gen. 8:4.

Even as he looked out the window and saw an unfamiliar sight, Noah dared to hope as he sent out the raven. He displayed courage and patience while tiding through a difficult circumstance.

This courage and patience sprung forth from having faith in God.

I want to leave you with 2 parting thoughts:

  • Your obedience towards God will keep you afloat when everything around you is drowning

  • Your faith in God will give you the courage and patience to tide over stormy seasons of life

After being in the ark for 1 year and 10 days, Noah and his family set foot on land.

Take heart! This too shall pass.

About the Author:

Wife to Danston, Mridula is a worshiper and a teacher in the body of Christ.

She works in the field of data analytics and consulting in the pharmaceutical domain.

She hails from Darjeeling, India and needless to say loves her Darjeeling tea!

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