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  • Tanya Ojha

The Crown of Thorns

There was so much beauty in that crown of thorns,

that dripped with the precious blood of the lamb.

So much beauty in the twisted thorns that struck the flesh of the One who knew no sin.

So much beauty in the pain,

in that crooked crown that carved his head.

I wonder if I was made out of the same crown,

knowing that I was meant for him to wear,

knowing that because I'm made out of the same branch from which the crown was made,

I know that he therefore grafted me into his own flesh, into his own self.

I know now that the branch was me,

thus the thorn was me.

I was the crown of thorns that he wore.

The crown of thorns that bore the blood of the lamb,

of the One who knew no sin.

Therefore he said, "You are grafted into me, you are the branch and I am the tree."

Therefore he said, "I have made you the head and not the tail, placing you above and not beneath."

Therefore he holds me in his deepest parts and in the innermost being of me, lives he .

I am the crown of thorns that now is grafted into the flesh of the One, who knew no sin.

Tanya Ojha

About the author:

I'm a theology student, studying in a Bible College in Siliguri, India .

I like to write, mostly about what God does for us. About his love and his grace. Only want His Glory.

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