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  • Liny Babu


Prelude: This poem was written out of one of those moments when the Lord speaks to your

situation using the magnificence of His creation like He did for Job. When worries and

uncertainties take over your mind, may you be reminded that the Lord who is mindful of the

birds of the sky and lilies of the field , have never once lost sight of you.

Looking up at the skies in a glance,

Can’t miss the beauty of this vast expanse.

The grandeur of the clouds as the sun rays fall,

The spectrum of colours in between the folds.

If one would gaze deep and beyond,

You would wonder at the majesty surround.

The birds that flutter and fly across the sky,

Do they know where it begins or it ends?

Having flown all through the day and by,

Have they explored where it all extends?

The same sky that is serene in its beauty

Still and calm like an innocent dove,

Can roar and rage, thrash and thunder,

In a moment of change in its course.

And yet once again it’s back together,

Peaceful as it was, as peaceful as it could be

How comparable are our lives.

Beautiful in its seven-fold colours and vibes.

Still, serene and calm one day,

Roaring and raging another day.

How can we mere humans comprehend,

Our lives’ inception to culmination?

Just like the birds we flutter and fly

Knowing not where it all would end.

The Creator alone knows it all and sees it all,

The Magnificent One who formed it all.

From the flaunting sky so formidable,

To this journey so unpredictable.

He holds the course of my life,

He reassures each time I strive.

Oh my soul, why would you be restless and weary?

When the Hands that made you

Have promised to carry you where you must go.


About the author:

Liny is a anointed social activist. She is currently working for an NGO raising awareness against human trafficking , abortion and pornography in the colleges in India .

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