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Who else is thankful to serve a living God of HOPE?!

I want to encourage your hearts with a word the Lord gave me recently.

I have sensed Him saying that 2022 will be a year of greater detachment to this earth, and stronger attachment to the Kingdom of Heaven. A year of heavenly hope!

Jesus Christ is our breakthrough; our constant hope, and His spirit is our foretaste of the future glory of Heaven. How kind of the Father – He didn’t have to send Holy Spirit to this earth to dwell with the sons and daughters of God. He didn’t have to choose to be close to us on this earth, and He could’ve just made us wait until Heaven to be in his presence.

But because of His Spirit, we can be attached to the Kingdom of Heaven without fully being there yet. In this world, we will have many troubles. Living a holy life brings persecution.

The Lord is wanting to remind you to take heart, for He has already overcome this earth. He has overcome death, doubts, divisions, and though we cannot fully see Heaven with our eyes yet, our hearts are fixed to this future Home of ours.

One of my favorite names for Jesus is the “Morning Light of Heaven.”

How fitting is this! The hope of Heaven brings unspeakable joy and comfort to our hearts, and I pray that God would continue to sustain you as you long for Heaven with all endurance and perseverance

(Romans 8:24-25).

May you grow to be less attached to the worries and cares of this earth and be filled with hope as you continue seeking Jesus and longing for our Heavenly Home. May this desire for our true Home cause worship to abound, the gospel to go forth, and freedom to come to those surrounded by thick hopelessness and darkness.

Again, let’s long for Heaven with hopeful perseverance. And purpose! Because Jesus is not slow about His promise, but is patiently waiting to return for the sake of the lost sheep on planet earth.

About the author: The author is a passionate Jesus lover who wishes to be anonymous.

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