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GSM Alumni


GSM connected me to like-minded, mission focused members of Christ body, equipped me with weapons of truth as I serve as a missionary in India, it keeps me focus and intentional. Huge encouragement from the leaders especially.

Coretta Christy - Missionary, Cambodia


The course taught me to deal with practical issues we face in the ministry field such as deliverance & healing. I also learnt effective ways of witnessing and the importance of prayers and intercession.

Elisha Jogdand - Pastor, Maharashtra, India


This course is a great blessing to me. It built my confidence. I was healed in the inner healing session As I implement what I learnt in my daily life it actually see my faith increasing. I see the changes in my spiritual life.

Pavithra N - Ministry Leader, Karnataka India


The course helped me to assess where I am in my spiritual journey. It helped me directions and the necessary tools on how to partner with the Holy Spirit to help me fulfill my calling.

Kindy Newmai - Missionary/Doctor, Nagaland, India


This course has helped me understand my inner abilities. It helped me walk in boldness and courage and enabled me to understand the importance of reaching out to people and sharing the gospel.

Blossom Anthony - Ministry Leader, Karnataka, India


The course helped me to improve and advance in the ministerial journey.

Fakorede Damilola Mathew - Pastor, Nigeria.

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